Thieves Factor Spray Info

Protect Yourself  from Viral and Bacterial Pathogens:

ThievesFactorSprayWThieves Factor Spray is a blending of essential oils that were used in the ancient story of the Four Thieves. In the year 1413, to be exact, four thieves were accused of robbing people who were dead or dying from the bubonic plague in Europe.
When put on trial, they were asked how they were able to be near infected people without contracting the deadly plague. Their answer was simple: a blend of herbs that they rubbed on their hands, ears and temples for protection.

Since then, thieves oil has often been used to fight against a variety of airborne diseases. Today, the essential oil is a combination of several ingredients, including the original rosemary and cloves used by the thieves during the bubonic plague. The blend also contains cinnamon, lemon and eucalyptus. Together the ingredients are said to create a very powerful essential oil that is used many ways to protect and combat various bacterial and viral diseases

Thieves Factor Spray can be sprayed on the hands and most any place
on the body to protect from airborne bacteria and pathogens that are
found on most public facilities such as:

*  shopping carts
*  door knobs
*  gas pumps
*  gym equipment
*  rest room facilities, etc. 

Also…spray throughout the home.  office, automobile  and any-
where airborne pathogens are found.

Caution: Do not spray near the eyes.
Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary & Coconut Oil

4 oz. bottle…$29.99