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Bub Cronin, CEO NBA Research Group, LLC

Mission Statement

Is It Possible to Walk in Divine Health?

Bub Cronin believes so. Bub began intense research fifteen  years ago after four people in his family died of cancer. Bub Cronin came to realize that the condition of one’s blood, is directly related to the condition of their health. Mr. Cronin was trained by a doctor from Japan in live cell microscopy, with the ability to recognize various deficiencies and anomalies found in the blood.

The condition of your blood determines the condition of your health. The blood is the medium in which all cells of the body are bathed, from birth until death. The oxygen and nutrients that are delivered by the blood promote life and determine longevity. The various forms and anomalies you see depends upon the state of your health. The external environment can only enter the blood system in three ways:

  • The Skin
  • The Lungs
  • The Digestive Tract

Anything foreign — chemicals, bad bacteria, viruses, toxic foods, tobacco, fungus, and parasites that enter the body — contribute to poor health, poor quality of life, and sometimes premature death.

Mr. Cronin’s passion and purpose in life is to see you, your loved ones and your pets walk in divine health.

Health isn’t everything, but without health, nothing else really matters!

Yours truly in health,
Bub Cronin


  • Bub Cronin, CEO and Founder of the NBA Research Group , and his staff have certifications in Live Cell Morphology.  Mr. Cronin has extensive study in apitherapy, parasitology and enzyme therapy and holds a certificate in Dry Blood Analogy from the Michigan Institute of Natural Health.
  • Mr Cronin also has the credentials of “Medicine Man” and is a member of Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization.
  • NBA Research Group is currently working in collaborative research with Dr. Thomas Junge, DDS, MSD, Seattle, Wa., Dr. Stan Odle, B. Tech, M.Sc., CNHP, ND, St. Michael, Barbados, & Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM, Lutz, Fl.
  • NBA Research Group holds membership in AANC (American Association of Nutritional Counselors) and A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). Mr. Cronin has taken courses through CNHP (Certified Nutritional Health Professionals), including face, tongue and nail analysis, a Chinese method. He has been on NBC news with medical reporter Sally Joe Hoover from Mobile, AL and was aired nationwide. He has also done radio talks in Brooksville, FL, Port Orange, FL and can be heard on 220AM with Rochelle Herman in Sarasota, FL.
  • Nutritional Blood Analysis is scheduled daily with health food stores, chiropractors, health clubs, retirement communities, churches, pet stores, pet clubs, horse farms, humane societies and fund raising organizations. We are also available for free health seminars.

For an appointment or questions please call (352)-636-6043.