View the videos below to learn more about Nutritional Blood Analysis and how it can help you, your family, and pets lead a healthier life.

 Video One: Bub Cronin interviews Dr. Cathleen Landers, a Chiropractic Physician who specializes in Acupuncture and Kinesio-Sports Taping.

Video Two: An amazing testimony by Mo Hopper, a lady who was basically told to go home and get her affairs in order. After being treated by nine different medical specialists, nothing further could be done for her.
Video Three: Wanda Kline of Sebring, FL, had pretty much given up hope of ever regaining her health. Her doctors said that they just couldn’t help her anymore. This is when she had her blood analyzed via a nutritional blood analysis. The large amount of fungus that showed up in the blood was a key to her road back to health and wellness.  Video Four: This Florida man was diagnosed with brain cancer and was told he had a short time to live. After a live cell blood analysis,  he was put on an all natural herbal treatment. The video tells the rest of the story.