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Calm Your Digestive Tract…

Many people experience acid reflux, heartburn or gerd…all related symptoms of a junk food diet, poor digestion, stress, medications, or obesity. Acid Balance was designed to balance the acids and digestive juices… and soothe the digestive tract.

Acid Balance is a blend of seven all natural herbal plants and was specifically designed for those who may have stomach ulcers, and do not do well with natural plant enzymes, which play a major role in proper digestion.  Enzymes may irritate the ulcerative condition and cause discomfort.

Therefore,  Acid Balance can be a temporary relief for overly acidic AcidBalanceBdigestive symptoms and other digestive issues. However, the elimination of junk foods, fried foods, dairy, over the counter meds, healthy weight loss, exercise, and adequate water intake, all contribute to digestive health.
100 capsules…$18.00


Listed below are the herbal ingredients and their reported health benefits…

Carqueja ( entire plant)
* detoxifies liver, aids digestion, reduces acid
* reduces inflammation, mildly laxative, cleanses bloodEsphinhera Santa (leaves)
* reduces acid, aids digestion, prevents ulcers
* inhibits tumors, fights cancer cells, detoxifiesGervao (whole plant)
* supresses coughs, reduces histamine, reduces acid
* stimulates digestion, protects gastric tract, reduces inflammation
* protects liver, dilates blood vessels, expels worms
Picao Preto (whole herb)
* anti bacterial, anti viral, anti leukemic
* reduces inflammation, kills fungus, protects liver
* inhibits stomach acid, reduces spasms, fights free radicals
Guacatonga (bark & leaves)
* fights cancer cells, slows tumor growth, protects stomach, & inhibits ulcer formation.
Boldo (leaves)
* stimulates digestion, detoxifies liver, stimulates bile, supports gallbladder, kills parasites, increases urination.
Caution:  Do not take if pregnant or nursing.


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