Preventing Heart Disease (part 2)

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Why Allopathic Medicine Will Never Find the Cure…

Allopathic medicine will not find the cure to any heart-related ills because they are not really looking for them. They are looking for new ways to manage diseases perpetually, and to keep their patients sick enough to require drugs. Thus, they are developing new drugs to help reduce cholesterol, eliminate renin (clotting agent), thin the blood, and other forms of symptom management. The utter insanity is shown by the fact that cholesterol is designed to prevent internal bleeding, so while doctors are giving anti-cholesterol drugs, which make internal bleeding much more likely, they are also simultaneously giving blood thinners to ensure that the bleeds are real gushers, and that the body will need even more cholesterol to save itself. They spend no time considering why the body creates cholesterol, the role of renin, and what causes thick, hypercoagulatory blood. The system is designed to ensure that heart disease is not curable.

A drug dealer will not help you to quit an addiction, unless he can give you another drug that is more expensive, and preferably more addictive. The medical establishment likewise relies on your sickness for its profit. They do not want you to die, because that is the end of their profit stream, but they do not want you to be independent either. When most people die, they have already fed most of their money into the system, and it is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.


Hypertension is bad, but hypertension drugs are worse. Blood pressure medications can cause heart failure with prolonged use. They all seem to have a pattern of side effects, which include heart and muscle damage, irregular or fast heart beat, restlessness, and light-headedness. Weaning off these drugs should be done slowly and cautiously, with frequent monitoring for dangerous spikes in blood pressure. Bear in mind that whenever weaning off of such drugs, one should expect sudden and temporary rises in blood pressure. This is temporary, and the instabilities should diminish in time. Dangerously excessive pressure will require emergency intervention at a hospital, so it is wise to decrease drug dosage gradually to avoid dangerous spikes in pressure.

People diagnosed with hypertension are often asked to undergo stress tests at routine intervals. There is actually very little science behind these. People have good days and bad days, and it has been repeatedly proven that the results of stress tests vary from one day to the next. Yet, when people do poorly on these tests, more expensive tests are always recommended, along with even more drugs. In addition to being useless, the stress tests themselves are prone to causing heart attacks. Sure, there are doctors on staff, but even minor heart attacks cause permanent damage to the heart, and some are deadly despite attempts at resuscitation. The heart attacks stimulated by the stress tests sometimes occur later, when the patient has returned to his home.

There is a much more effective way of determining if you are at risk for heart attacks, using a technique known as the ankle-brachial index test.
The logic behind this test is sound. The arteries of the legs must exert more to assist with heart contractions than the arteries of the arms, so more pressure ought to be detected in the legs. Clotting disorders and signs of atheriosclerosis show up in the legs before anywhere else. These factors make this test a superior method of early detection. The sooner that a person notices heart disease, the easier it is to reverse damage.

There are plenty of medical industry tests surrounding hypertension, arterial plaque, and coronary heart disease, but there is very little purpose to them, other than to increase profits. For instance, a $3,000 test may tell a patient how severely clogged his arteries are, but modern medicine can do nothing to reverse it. They can create pretty pictures of the damage, but they are unable to actually do anything about it.
The following methods can eliminate hypertension. Many of these are explained in more detail later.

Natural Hypertension Remedies

Weight loss must be done properly or the result will be further impaired health. For example, smaller and healthier meals should be consumed more often. Do not skip meals or use toxic diet products. Virtually all diet products are toxic and inflammatory. They exaggerate health issues (including heart disease) in the long term.
Replace all table salt with unrefined sea salt, and avoid processed sodium sources, including monosodium glutamate.

Follow the Budwig regimen of flax seed oil combined with goat cheese. Yogurt can be used in place of goat cheese, but it is not as healthy, because it uses homogenized milk. If yogurt is used, also supplement with vitamin C and folate (or folic acid) to prevent inflammation and arterial damage.

Do deep breathing exercises. Various martial art breathing techniques have had good success because of their emphasis on deep breathing exercises.

American ginseng (panax quinquefolius) is sometimes used as a very mild stimulant, but it is weaker than the Korean varieties for this purpose. The American variant is most suited for heart patients, because it has been shown to improve heart health, reduce cholesterol levels (inflammation), and to normalize blood pressure.

L-taurine is known for regulating the blood pressure, and bringing balance to the sodium and potassium levels of the blood. It also helps to regulate the pulse. It indirectly aids the heart by improving kidney function. Additionally, it can stop some heart attacks.

L-arginine is used by the body in the production of nitric oxide, which makes blood vessels relax, increases blood flow, and improves blood vessel function. Do not take arginine following a heart attack. While arginine is good for prevention, it has been shown to have damaging effects immediately following a cardiac arrest.

SuperCardioBCoQ10 can be used to help people wean off of hypertension (blood pressure) medications faster and more safely, and it is an overall heart tonic.
It is especially useful for older people.

Cayenne Pepper has the unique ability to regulate blood pressure as needed, either increasing or decreasing it, as is prudent. It is also useful for stopping a heart attack.

Vitamin E thins the blood, and has been shown in studies to normalize blood pressure. Women should avoid blood thinners like vitamin E while menstruating, because it will cause heavier bleeding.

Hawthorn Berry is one of the best supplements for heart health, and it helps with blood pressure too.

Super Cardio was created to regulate and support cardiovascular issues.   Ten all natural ingredients are all related to heart health and improved cardio vascular function.

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